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Not all rooftops suitable
for sufficient solar panels

Re: “Put solar on every roof in state to hinder wildfires” (Letter to the editor, Mercurynews.com, Nov. 6):

The letter-writer thinks that rooftop solar with wall-mounted batteries will reduce wildfires. I have had solar for years, but don’t have enough west-facing rooftop to cover all my usage in the winter.

As I travel around town, I look at rooftops and see that many houses don’t have rooflines suitable for mounting enough solar panels to meet their electric demand. Multi-story apartments and high-rise office buildings have even worse ratios of available roof area to electricity usage.

Further, the safety of wall-mounted batteries is still in question.

Small-scale solar with grid-level storage is a goal worth pursuing, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that we can get there now.

Richard Swent
Palo Alto

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