Letter: Great news solar panels installed on school roof – Bridport and Lyme Regis News

This is a great idea and goes along with what has been my personal view for many years.

We have had solar panel on our house roof for five years now and they have been a great help by reducing the amount of electricity we buy in from the national grid. When the weather is sunny, we export to the grid and even when the days are not so bright, we still export a little which does help with our electric bill.

I have been of the opinion for many years that every new roof built throughout the nation for a house, shop, factory, barn or any other new structure should have solar panels fitted as standard.

Having these solar panels installed on a new roof might just add a very small, almost insignificant, sum to the overall cost of the structure.

With many items of our modern world going electric we are going to need much more electricity in the future which would be difficult for our power stations to generate.

I am not saying for one minute that fitting solar panels to all new roofs would cure the nation’s supply problems but it would give us as individuals the opportunity to help and would certainly go a long way to improve the supply of electricity for our needs.


Source: https://www.bridportnews.co.uk/news/18752135.letter-great-news-solar-panels-installed-school-roof/

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