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An April 30, a Baraboo News Republic article reported on planning for a new Sauk County highway shop. While the county must plan for current trucks and space needs, a new shop will be used for many years and needs flexibility to continue to be useful. Many automobile manufacturers plan to make only all-electric cars, SUVS, and light trucks by 2035 and General Motors plans only electric large trucks after 2040.

A full rooftop of solar collectors like the Middleton Public Works Operations Center should be considered. Past Sauk County experience with solar will help in planning a solar installation. A solar “gas station,” on the shop roof would be a great savings for powering future electric vehicles. Planning the electrical system for charging trucks then becomes a major item.

Consumers Reports shows electric cars cost less to own. The electric vehicles have fewer parts and less maintenance, such as no oil changes. Savings ranged from $9,000 for cars to $15,000 for a pickup over a seven-year life, without considering the owner having a solar array.

Citizens need to urge government at all levels to plan for a cleaner, healthier future that will slow climate change at less cost.

Bill Dagnon, Baraboo 

Source: https://www.wiscnews.com/baraboonewsrepublic/opinion/letters/letter-consider-solar-panels-for-new-county-garage/article_086906cc-9116-5225-a91e-3eae99460043.html

May 19, 2021 Harry Hall
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