Let’s not black out the facts about California’s blackouts, what it means for other states – Clarion Ledger

Electricity blackouts are alarming, no doubt about it.

Losing power is unacceptable, whether we’re talking about air conditioning your home, or having functional hospitals and airports. But bad becomes worse when some “expert” from Missouri starts using record breaking heatwaves in California to peddle falsehoods about energy policy in Mississippi. That’s what Mr. Terry Jerrett did in a recent op-ed column published by the Clarion Ledger (“California’s electricity woes should serve as a lesson to other states,” Aug. 24).

To claim that blackouts in California are proof that renewables aren’t reliable is a gross misstatement of the facts. The truth is solar power and renewables performed above expectations while fossil fuel power plants did not.

According to Steve Berberich, CEO of California ISO, which operates the majority of California’s wholesale power grid, renewable energy was “not a factor” driving the blackouts.  Berberich described the power shortage as a matter of “raw capacity”, asserting, “If anything, the state needs more renewables, backed by extensive deployment of batteries.”

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