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JOHNSTOWN — The Town Board at its special meeting on Wednesday awarded two of the three separate bids for the Town Hall upgrade project.

The town had solicited bids for three separate contracts, all for the one project. The three separate bids were for solar panels, internet technology and general contracting.

For the solar panels, the town awarded the bid to Kasselman Solar with a bid of $48,890.

The other bidder was Albany Solar Solutions with a bid of $37,490 along with a grant from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority of $8,432.

The town awarded the bid for IT to Tag Solutions with a bid of $41,111. Tag Solutions was the only bidder for IT.

For the general contracting bid, the town decided to re-bid because of concerns with the approximate $60,000 difference between the two bidders — Kucel Contracting with a bid of $161,510 and Stephen Miller General Contracting with a bid of $104,366.

Councilman Tim Rizzo said the difference was due to the two contractors interpreting the specifications for the roof and HVAC. According to a report from the engineer, Gregory Yasenchak, Kucel Contracting provided for a full replacement of furnaces and installed the ductwork between the drop ceiling and the truss, although, the specs called for the ductwork to be in the attic. According to the report, the company interpreted it as a full HVAC replacement, which is what the Town Board does not want.

Kucel Contracting also added cost to replace the roof deck because they felt the added decking requested by the town board in the specs would not fix any of the issues with the roof.

In his report, Yasenchak recommended the town give both contractors the opportunity to re-bid the project and have both bid to the same specifications.

“His recommendation is to re-bid and attach the new addendum, give them one week to re-bid it that way both of them are on the same page,” Rizzo said.

Supervisor Jack Wilson agreed.

Both contractors have until March 14 to re-bid and the board will hold another special meeting to award the bid at 4:30 p.m.


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