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I don’t know about anyone else, but this makes me miss my ’77 Chevy Stepside pickup since it was so easy to do EVERYTHING to that vehicle, and trying to steal it in an era when no one wanted it would have been pointless for anyone that wasn’t desperate. Granted, a person might have to be desperate AND have a working knowledge of what’s needed to boost a Tesla in order to make this work, especially if the batteries weren’t charged. A battery running flat is something that can happen to be fair, and a lot of us have probably had it happen. But the whole thing about older cars and even contemporary vehicles of today is that all you really need is one or two tools, a pair of jumper cables, and you’re in and ready to do some work. But just looking at a Tesla makes little to no sense unless one is able to look at it and tear the thing apart with their eyes and then their hands. Putting in two separate batteries feels like a serious design flaw, but if it makes sense to those that don’t have a Tesla then so be it. But a battery that stops charging instead of charging the second battery that’s responsible for the door locks and everything else sounds like something that was designed by someone that was trying to be smart but somehow forgot they were reinventing the wheel with an interchangeable chunk missing that was somehow thought to be a great idea. Okay, that came out in a strange way, but it’s kind of hard not to when someone goes and designs a car that is essentially useless unless both batteries are charging and one is able to take the Tesla apart ‘just in case’ the interior battery doesn’t charge.

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The Tesla design kind of makes a person think that the beauty of this vehicle is locked up in the trendy design and name brand that it comes with, and not so much its function. The vehicle might actually ride pretty nice, but the inconvenience of having to charge both batteries sounds like a pain in the neck. The eye-rolling answer of ‘just keep the car’ charged is an explanation that is bound to come from the lips of many practical-minded people that aren’t wrong to be sure, but are still a little too accepting of the design flaws that come with this extremely over-priced vehicle. For what one of these things costs a person could put a hefty down payment on a home, or perhaps take care of their family in comfort for a year. The thing is, anyone that has the kind of money it takes to buy a Tesla already has quite a bit and likely doesn’t worry too much about mortgage or anything else. Seriously, if a person can plunk tens of thousands of dollars down on a vehicle it’s easy to think that their home is worth at least ten times as much if not much more. But the mere idea of a vehicle having this big of a design flaw for the money that goes into it is a bit nutty to be honest, since if one can find a nice rig that drives well, is clean, has everything it needs for comfort, then the obvious choice is to go with something that doesn’t force a person to tear the front end apart to get to the second battery that operates the car’s systems. Remember how one battery can provide all the functions that a vehicle needs?

What’s even funnier about this is the fact that while electric cars are said to be cleaner since they run on electricity and not fossil fuels is an argument that many people are more than willing to have, that electric cars still need to rely, in some way, on fossil fuels, since electricity has to be generated somehow. Many are arguing that through solar panels and other methods it will be possible to cut out fossil fuels, but that’s a long, drawn-out conversation that leads into a number of heated debates I’m really not willing to get into today. The point here is that the Tesla shown in the clip is a frustrating mess that, upon trying to get into, apparently tries the patience of the owner more than is needed in order just to charge the battery. Older cars might not be great when it comes to CO2 emissions, but they’re certainly easier to work on and everything in them is easier to access. The debate on which cars are better, and which cars are bound to be worth the money, is debatable since there are a lot of people that don’t care for electric cars and many that will gladly go into discussions on global warming at the drop of a hat.

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May 24, 2021 sally Wood