J magazine: Marine Science Center at JU helps defend the environment – The Florida Times-Union

There is a reason that one of the newer, more modern buildings at Jacksonville University is way in back of the campus, on the river, almost hidden among the rowing center, a retention pond and athletic facilities.

You get the idea that this is not just another college building when the first thing you see in the lobby is the large video monitor showing — in real, live time — how much electricity and water the building is consuming and the water, air and wind conditions on the St. Johns River and at Mayport on the Atlantic Ocean. Even the salinity.

But the real spirit of the at Jacksonville University is out back of the building, on the strip of overgrown, jungly riverfront between the building and the St. Johns. You might think of them as just the sort of unkempt, mosquito-breeding weeds and trees you see along Florida rivers and marshes.

August 8, 2020 sally Wood