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Of course people want this, and I truly believe it is likely to happen, but only for people who already have tesla powerwalls, with its automatic switching gateway that automatically switches grid power to battery storage, and protects the people who are actually working on the lines from being injured / killed because a line that was supposed to be de energized gets energized by someone plugging their car in and backfeeding to the grid.

I expect that at some point, those who have some battery storage onsite will be able to also use their car in a pinch to extend that battery storage.

Other than that, I dont see it happening, for a bunch of different reasons, the above is just one. Another is, the very real (VERY VERY real) situation where people who had “free unlimited supercharging” would expect to be able to drive to a supercharger, fill up, and then go home and power their home on “free electricity”. As much as people go “gaga” over free unlimited supercharging now (which really in the scheme of things doesnt save people who can afford model s and x cars THAT much money), many would absolutely do this.

Another reason is, if somehow this worked like people want it to (simply plug in your car to power your home) there would be absolutely zero reason for tesla to continue to sell powerwalls, so there is a business aspect to it as well as the both life threatening issue of the lineman working on the lines, and the social issue of people trying to use their cars to power their home permanently (and it absolutely would happen)

So, yeah, my TL ; DR opinion on this is, V2G (vehicle to grid) will be coming at some point, but only for people who already have powerwall solutions in place (with the hardware, permits with the utilities, etc) to operate it safely.

I also predict that whenever that happens, and they require powerwalls to make it happen, people here are going to lose their [email protected]%%$%$% complaining about how its “not fair” and “another tesla fail!!” and such, and ignore all the very real reasons why it shouldnt happen straight from vehicle to grid without some safety hardware inbetween.

(you need to add some powerwalls to your solar, and you wont have to deal with that specific issue again… or buy a generator)

Source: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/i-wish-our-model-3-could-be-used-like-a-powerwall.202659/

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