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Fortnite has recently seen many modifications to Battle Island, with the removal of some locations and the addition of others, such as Fortilla and the Fortilla Vault. Although Fortilla in itself is already a new hotbed for loot and XP, unlocking the Vault can provide even more goodies to give players the edge on opponents.

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Season 3 of Fortnite has brought a new wave of changes and additions to the game, most notably, to the map itself.  At the end of season 2, players saw a giant flood crash over Battle Island which has sunk huge portions of the map. The flood and the resulting repairs have led to the creation of four new POI’s, The Authority, Rickety Rig, Catty Corner, and The Fortilla. Each new location is undoubtedly full of loot for players to discover. However, players may be able to gain a more significant advantage over their enemies by opening up the Vault at Fortilla and this guide will reveal how to do exactly that.

Where to find the Fortilla Vault in Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite Fortilla Vault Opening

Fortilla can be found in the southwest corner of the map, south of Holy Hedges, and to the west of Rickety Rig. Fortilla is a sort of water-fortress in which a bunch of floating structures are surrounded by five floating islands that can be traversed by players using ziplines. There are various structures between the islands, but in the center, players will find a half-red and half-yellow building that resembles a small tower. This central tower is also attached to a few other floating buildings but players will find the Fortilla Vault in the very center building. Beneath the central tower, there are metal platforms at water-level which the player can then hop on. Once on this platform, the vault can be found by going up one set of stairs and turning into a room with a huge vault door guarded by turrets and a few henchmen AI. On the side closest to the door into the room, there is a keycard scanner that will open the vault when given the right keycard.

Unlocking The Fortilla Vault In Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite Fortilla Ocean Boss

Players can unlock the Fortilla Vault by obtaining the Vault Keycard from the henchmen’s boss, Ocean, and using it to interact with the keycard scanner next to the vault door. After many tests, it seems the best way to do this is as follows. Once players have exited the Battle Bus and are gliding towards Fortilla, they will want to land at the structure farthest east of Fortilla. The structure can be best identified by the large strip of solar panels that are connected to it. Inside the building next to the solar panels are a few chests that will help the player gear up quickly. Ocean is no pushover, players will likely need more than one weapon and some shields to take her down. Some good weapons to eliminate ocean with include the Assault Rifles, SMG’s, Hunting Rifle, and Bolt-Action rifle. Pistols and shotguns are not entirely recommended as close-range combat with Ocean can be dangerous. Ocean can normally be found at the structure farthest east of the solar panel strip. The building can be identified by the two boats that are usually docked there. She can be spotted wearing dark blue clothing in contrast to her henchmen who are wearing white uniforms. The key to beating her is simply sustained fire to her head. She has much more shield and health than her henchmen so be ready to swap weapons and build cover. Once eliminated, she will drop a keycard that players can use to open the vault by placing it in the scanner mentioned earlier.

Is Opening The Vault Worth It In Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite Teddy Bear

In short, yes. Ocean is usually in the same spot or close by, so if players can find her and eliminate her quickly, they can be extremely stacked within the first couple minutes of the match. Ocean herself drops a Bottomless Chug Jug and also her Legendary Burst Assault Rifle. The Bottomless Chug Jug can be kept throughout the match as it never empties but does have a long cooldown and takes a while to use. Her AR offers high damage and high accuracy even at range. Eliminating Ocean and a few of her henchmen will also earn the player quite a bit of XP which can be great for earning Battle Pass levels. Inside the vault are 3 large chests and 2 regular gold chests. The large chests generally contain blue and purple weapons but also usually some healing such as shield potions or medkits. Since all of this loot can be obtained within the first few minutes of the match, players can still grab a boat or ride a shark to the next circle. It is also worth noting that defeating Ocean will unlock her skin after the match, but only to BattlePass owners. Overall, Fortilla is a great place to drop, and opening the vault can provide players quite a lead.

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Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices.

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