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Do not be caught in the dark. With the current Covid-19 virus many of us have become home bound, even your children. Everyone’s well-being is number one. And for your children their learning is number one. The entire family needs electrical power 24/7. Electrical power for your home is one of the first considerations in keeping your family safe. The way to achieve electrical power 24/7 is installing a Home Back-Up Generator. Since our electrical grid is insufficient for our current population, the utility companies are able to implement Flex alerts without notice to you the homeowner. Another consideration is our climate change. Temperatures are rising, winds are blowing, and wildfires are the “new normal”. You will need to know if there is a wildfire in your area and if your family needs to evacuate. It is up to you, you can control your homes reliability, safety, and security with a 24/7 back-up generator; an automatic generator that turns on if your power is turned off. It’s the smartest and safest investment to protect your family and your home.
Your home back-up generator is your go to appliance. It is the most important equipment to keep your house in order when there are Flex alerts or wildfires and the power is turned off. No one knows how long the power will be turned off, but with your back-up generator the refrigerator stays on-no spoiled food. The TV stays on so you are able to get the most up to date news. The internet stays on so your children can continue with their learning and you can continue to work from home. You want your home to be secure, reliable, and safe.
Now for the good news. You can be proactive and be ready for these power outages. Automatic generators are affordable, and when installed correctly, Home Standby Generators will add a high return on investment, and if and when you sell your home, a perspective buyer will see your home as a good purchase that makes sense. Anco Design Build has been providing energy saving solutions for your home since 1981. Our company is licensed in General Construction, Electrical, Solar Panels, Roofing, Concrete, Landscaping, and Swimming Pools. Financing is available through Go Green Financing. We provide a free consultation for all your home improvement needs. Please give us a call at 818.299.1188 or visit us at ancodb.com

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