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CoolPV panels from Sunbather heat pools with both photovoltaic (PV) and solar power. When roof space is limited, users can still have PV electricity panels on the roof and heat pools with solar by installing CoolPV.

The panel’s top layer is an array of high-efficiency PV cells that generate electricity for use in the home or feed it back into the grid when there is a surplus. Directly behind that array is a pool water heat exchanger made up of hundreds of tiny tubes; a pump pushes pool water through these tubes, gathering up otherwise wasted heat and delivering it back to the pool. 

Overheating can be a problem for PV panels, but CoolPV converts it into a benefit. By running cool pool water behind the PV panel, the panel is kept cool, which makes it up to 20% more efficient than other PV cells. At the same time, that heat warms the pool. In the end, CoolPV achieves up to four times more energy per square metre of roof space than other similar products. 

  • Pool-heating PV and solar rooftop panels
  • Generates electricity for home use
  • Warms pool water by using it to cool PV panel

Source: https://selector.com/products/high-efficiency-hybrid-pool-heating-panels-coolpv

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