Gustine council okays community pool repair funds | Local News – Gustine Press-Standard

GUSTINE – The city is investing up to $28,000 to address a number of issues at the municipal pool in Henry Miller Park.

City staff said the goal is to have the pool repairs completed and the facility ready for a timely summer opening.

Interim Public Works Director Stan Murdock said the pool, which dates back to the early 1950s, is in need of attention.

“The interior, the mechanicals of the pool, are not in such great shape,” he told the City Council. “We’re asking to appropriate $28,000 in order to get the pool up to proper standards.”

He said the work will include replacement of the poolside portable vacuum system, lifeguard chairs and stainless steel debris strainer, as well as repair or replacement of the computerized panels which control pool chemicals.

“What is happening now is that we are using too much chemical to try to keep the pool in balance because we are trying to do it manually,” Murdock explained.

The city will also be changing the filter media in tanks, which Murdock said should be done every five to seven years. It is quite possible, he told the council, that the media in the filter tanks has not been replaced since their installation – which may date back to the mid-1980s.

In addition to the system improvements, he said, the city will also be making repairs to the pool building.

Murdock said the city is striving to complete the repairs in a timely manner to allow time for lifeguard training and still be open on time for the summer season. City Manager Doug Dunford said the goal is to open the pool for the season as soon as school is out, but that a firm opening date has not been finalized.

“Several weeks ago the recreation staff approached public works and asked if we could work together to help get the pool ready for the swim season. In years past, there have been difficulties getting it ready in time,” Murdock stated.

He added that public works crews have kept the pool treated through the winter months to keep it in better shape.

The money for repairs will come from utility user tax (UUT) reserves.

Council members emphasized the importance of maintaining the pool.

“These are large numbers, however this pool is extremely important to our town,” commented council member Ellen Hasness. “Going forward we need it to be in tip-top shape. It is essential for our town.”

“It is important,” council member Joe Oliveira agreed. “I’m glad we’re doing it earlier so the opening is not delayed.”

The pool was closed a few times last year due to various issues, Dunford noted.

“We don’t want to see it down. We don’t want those service failures,” he stated. “We’re starting to put some TLC into the pool that it hasn’t seen in years. Some of the things that need to be repaired haven’t been addressed in years.”

The pool, Dunford agreed, is a valuable community feature.

“We have one of the few pools around,” he noted. “In addition to Gustine, we get a lot of people in from Newman and Santa Nella. Hopefully (the repairs) will give us another 10 years of enjoyment.”


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