Good Sam tells Pilot/Flying J to end big diesel discounts to RVers –

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Last week we sang the praises of the TSD RV Fuel Program, whereby members receive substantial discounts on diesel purchases when fueling up at network truck stops. We weren’t aware of how many of our readers had already cottoned on to this great program until we were flooded with reader comments, most of which substantiated our view of the program.

Somewhere along the line, Google Search picked up the story, and labeled it a “press release.” From there, it went far and wide, eventually ending up in the offices of the Good Sam Club. What we thought were beautiful, harmonious notes of praise were anything but that in the ears of the Good Sam folks. Seems that Sam has an exclusive discount program with Pilot/Flying J. RVers are only to receive discounts on fuel purchases at these branded outlets IF they have a Good Sam membership card.

The folks at the TSD program weren’t aware of this arrangement until they got a call from Pilot’s management. The discount program that TSD had with Pilot for about four months or so is suddenly being canceled. Pilot has to honor its agreement with Good Sam.

So the good news/bad news is this: If you have a Good Sam Club membership, your card will get you a few cents off fuel at Pilot/Flying J outlets, as opposed to the much greater discount you could’ve had there in the past with the TSD fuel card. We understand that a deal is a deal, and we certainly don’t hold it against TSD that this discount has vanished.

Happily, in our experience, there’s often a Love’s truck stop not too far away from a Pilot/Flying J. So for our money, we’ll continue to use the TSD RV Discount program. Matter of fact, just across town from us today, Love’s diesel with our TSD discount card is $2.405 per gallon. At the Pilot station a few blocks away, the posted price is $2.959 cash price. Knock off a few cents for the Good Sam discount and we’re still miles ahead. According to GasBuddy, the cheapest diesel in town for the everyday Joe is $2.879 at Chevron, credit price.

We want to thank our readers who responded last week, both with their comments and by the overwhelming interest that they showed to the TSD program home office.



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