George Freeman School Sees Solar Upgrade –

The Government of Alberta is investing $15 million dollars to install solar panels on certain schools that applied for the funding through the Solar for Schools program.

Bevan Daverne, Golden Hills Superintendent¬†said,¬†”¬† I think we have approximately 360 panels on the roof.¬† Our project was part of the first solar panel project announcements for schools.¬† They are intended to help support the utility costs in the building.”

The funding came from the Climate Leadership Plan and their goal to Increase the amount of solar energy generated by schools supports Alberta’s target of 30 percent renewable electricity by 2030. School authorities will be able to apply for grants as of November 28, 2018, on the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s website and will be available to Public, Catholic, francophone and charter school authorities for schools that have not received Alberta Education’s Solar Technology Systems grants

Daverne went on to also say, “One of the other goals for this project is to help educate our students as to the impact this kind of energy production can have environmentally and economically.¬† Students will be will be using actual data from this project in this project learning.”


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