Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, has died –


From editor Chuck Woodbury

Dear RVer friends,

It’s Friday evening, April 17, 2020. I have just learned that my dear friend Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, has died after battling COVID-19 for several weeks. I am devastated. Gary was my Seattle neighbor and one of my very best friends, and I know he was a friend of many of you, too. A nicer guy never lived.

Friday night is when Gail and I celebrate the end of a week, and another RV Travel Newsletter, with a bottle of wine. So, as I write this, late in the evening, I have had a couple of glasses, which normally means I stay clear of my computer for fear of writing something that might embarrass me. But I must write something now.

I can’t begin to tell you how Gail and I adored Gary — one of the sweetest, kindest men either of us have ever known. I can’t imagine him being gone. I can’t.

Chris Dougherty, Gail and Gary (right)

The photo above was taken a few years ago at a VIP party for the Hershey RV Show. It’s Gary, on the right, with Gail and our friend Chris Dougherty, the technical editor of Trailer Life and Motorhome Magazines. We are all good friends.

Oh, I will miss Gary terribly. And so will Gail, as will all our RV-media friends. I can’t even fathom not having him around. We have all looked forward every year to meeting up in September at the annual Hershey (Pennsylvania) RV Show, where we gather before the show begins at the Bears’ Den at the Hershey Lodge to drink a little beer, eat greasy food, and catch up on our lives. Gary has been the person who always brought us together. Right now, I cannot imagine being there without him.

I am so sad for his family — his wife Debbie, his high school sweetheart and love of his life, and his daughters Gretchen and Heather. And his young grandchildren who brought him such great joy.

I will write more later, but right now I am too sad to write, and Gail is sad, and we need to begin to deal with the loss of our very dear friend. We’re sitting in our motorhome now, exchanging stories about our buddy, laughing, then crying and then laughing again and crying again, and so we go. Oh, my special friend, I hope we meet again one day.

More later, but for now this is all I can say.


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