GAC NE Aion S Beats Tesla Model 3 with Superior Battery Performance – Business Wire

GUANGZHOU, China–()–While countless issues have plagued the Tesla Model 3’s production and delivery process, GAC NE, a giant Chinese automaker that is going electric, has just established a new ‘hypermiling’ record in an Aion S, its electric vehicle model to be rolled out in May 2019.

By traveling 392 miles (630 km) on a single charge, GAC NE’s Aion S is beating Tesla Model 3’s highest driving mileage, 310 miles (499 km) for the Long-range version.

It marks Aion S to be the top-rated EV car with the best battery performance.

Just certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the pure electric sedan model will be personalized in GAC NE’s brand-new manufacturing factory in Guangzhou and will be leading the industry in multiple ways when it comes out.

Aion S is bringing technical advancements in the use of energy. It is not only the world’s first model that deeply integrated the high-performance three-in-one electrical drive system, but it is the first to carry the latest generation of ternary lithium-ion battery produced by CATL, the world’s largest maker of battery cells for electric vehicles.

In the meantime, expected to be the first mass-produced Level 4 designated area unmanned driving EV model, Aion S is pioneering in its autonomous drive technologies, equipping world-class artificial intelligent systems and functions.

Navigation-assisting Level 2 autonomous driving function including congestion-avoiding traffic jam assist (TJA) system, as well as Active Parking Assist (APA) will coordinate with GAC NE’s latest 2.0 AI System to provide brand new driving experiences for the consumers.

The new model is also a combination of aesthetic and ergonomic design. Featuring an aerodynamic exterior with a drag coefficient of 0.245Cd, Aion S further reduces energy consumption and prolongs the endurance of batteries. Moreover, the front of the model holds highly distinctive structure and stylish design that highlights the branding elements.

Besides its exterior, the Aion S is equipped with solar powered ventilation system, making it the owner of the world’s first solar powered self-circulating interior ecosystem.

With the release of Aion S, GAC NE is further down the track of becoming a world-leading EV brand.

This year, it also plans to roll out an SUV with a wheelbase of more than 2900mm.


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