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In recent years Freedom Forever has put a large focus on its operations through its staffing efforts. “When it comes to building our team, we keep it local – nobody knows Texas like Texans,” said Brian Eglsaer, Freedom Forever VP of Field Operations and proud Texas native. With over a decade in the energy sector and a rich history with SolarCity, Eglsaer brings a wealth of experience and solar knowledge to the operation, “We are looking for people to join our team and expand solar in Texas. The state has the ability to be the biggest installer of solar in the US. We are building a team that can make that a reality.”

Texas is an energy state, and it’s practically untapped in regards to solar energy,” says Eglsaer. “Energy independence is a big deal for Texas. But it comes with its own set of challenges.” He added, “Hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, thunderstorms, power outages – all of this on top of aging electricity infrastructures means homes in rural areas especially could go without power for more than a few days.” A more reliable solution is needed in a state where backup power through natural gas generators is commonplace. “Solar and batteries could help combat this.”

Freedom Forever brings a unique approach to home solar that prioritizes return on investment and reliable long-term support through a unique 25-year production guarantee. In Texas, the cost of solar is very competitive with utility companies, which means there is an opportunity for compelling pricing when it comes to building a home solar system. Eglsaer commented, “Texas is currently #1 in wind power but is #5 in solar energy behind Florida. There’s no reason Texas isn’t the #1 solar state. I believe that every southern-facing roof should have solar panels.”

About Freedom Forever:
Freedom Forever is focused on residential solar installations that deliver best-in-class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction for its dealer network. Since 2011, Freedom Forever has enabled its dealer network to succeed with a premium offering and aggressive pricing flexibility. Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee provides the ultimate peace-of-mind for homeowners reluctant to make a big investment. With Freedom Forever, homeowners know what they’re getting every time. For more information, please visit

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