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As many homeowners continue to shelter in place, home improvement projects have experienced a nationwide surge. Now more than ever, people are hyper-aware of how their home makes them feel and it’s become increasingly important for them to create a space that reflects how they want to feel during an unpredictable time,” said Brian Osterried, PPG senior product marketing manager. “Readily armed with technology, homeowners, renters and do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) have shifted how they purchase home improvement products. Likewise, with extra time at home, they have a renewed sense of home improvement energy.”

The Farnsworth Group has been monitoring 1,000 consumers during the pandemic through a weekly DIYer survey, Osterried noted.

“Sixty-percent of respondents said they started a new home DIY project in the last week and home improvement purchases grew from 55 percent on March 23 to over 80 percent by April 13,” he said of the results. “The top product being searched for home improvement online is paint, up an astonishing 700 percent from March 16 to April 5.”

PPG has experienced a triple-digit percentage increase in online paint sales, according to Osterried.

“COVID-19 has led to a lot of uncertainty around both private and government-funded projects. This has had less impact on the projects already in motion but has stopped or delayed some new projects. Part of the reason is that the ‘remote’ working model has created uncertainty around the future need for commercial office space and the impact on residential housing,” said Simon Parker, AkzoNobel business director, Industrial Coatings. “Workers may start to move out of urban communities for cheaper and less congested housing as they are no longer required to come into the office, while employers are reassessing the need to rent office space in prime rent locations.

Where the remote work model is a viable option uncertainty is created around the future need for large mixed-use buildings structures.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, existing-home sales hit the highest level since December 2006.

“With people moving out of the cities and into the suburbs, the market has gone up and will continue to increase in the number of houses being purchased,” Scagnelli said. “As the number of homeowners increase, so does the need for renovations.”

“This housing demand has been a key driver in the rise of exterior paint. In order for a color – whether it’s an exterior or interior color – to gain popularity it has to represent current consumer sentiments,” Osterried said. “A recent example of this is that during the pandemic, consumers have been drawn to rich, earthy colors that provide a feeling of relief, nostalgia and comfort in an unsettling time.”

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic across many markets.

“Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important decision factor for architects and specifiers around the world. AkzoNobel offers sustainable solutions for architectural projects,” Parker said. “The performance of exterior architectural coatings is a key feature that architects, and specifiers are looking for to ensure the lasting impact of their architectural design. Our TRINAR coating ensures excellent thermal, chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties and demonstrates outstanding resistance to weathering, fading, cracking and chalking, increasing the lifespan of the coated product, which in turn decreases the impact on the environment. All TRINAR systems meet or exceed the requirements of AAMA2605, the most recognized specification for fenestration coatings in the world.”

Should the exterior architectural coatings market expect growth?

Before the pandemic, Grand View Research estimated that the global exterior architectural coating market would reach $39.04 billion by 2024.

“The economy and employment rates will be key drivers for the exterior architectural coatings market over the next year,” Scagnelli said. “This will have an impact on whether consumers decide to buy or sell their homes, and where paint comes into play during that process.

“There is a lot of uncertainty going into 2021 with many indicators projecting a downward trend,” Parker added. “Low interest rates and strong backlogs heading into this year propped up 2020 business, but there is still a lot of uncertainty with the real impact of office space and urban living needs going forward.”

In order for a color – whether it’s an exterior or interior color – to gain popularity it has to represent current consumer sentiments, according to Osterried.

“A recent example of this is that during the pandemic, consumers have been drawn to rich, earthy colors that provide a feeling of relief, nostalgia and comfort in an unsettling time,” he said. “PPG’s 2021 Palette of the Year ‘Be Well’ was thoughtfully designed for our new normal, and the palette includes Transcend, Big Cypress and Misty Aqua. Transcend is a cozy, oatmeal-colored hue that draws on earthy influences. Big Cypress is a warm, shaded ginger with persimmon undertones. Misty Aqua is a watercolor cerulean blue that provides freshness when paired with the other earthy tones. The Be Well palette is truly intended for the consumer who is craving optimism and mindfulness.

“As we approach 2021, we anticipate that consumers will continue shifting toward calming, earthy, and nature-inspired colors and materials. PPG’s Old Silk (PPG0993-6) has been a popular exterior color choice during the pandemic,” Osterried added. It is a classic, soothing gray with a navy undertone that looks idyllic on a home’s entire exterior, and pairs impeccably with either black or charcoal trim. Old Silk is just one color that represents our desire to reconnect with natural, rich colors.”

“More often than not, homeowners lean toward earth tones and neutrals, but of course, color combinations depend on the architectural style, neighborhood and region of the home,” said Erika Woelfel, VP of Color and Creative Services at Behr.

According to Parker, the trend in exterior architectural coatings is towards pearlescent matte finishes, bright metallic and special textures, such as frost or wrinkles.

“AkzoNobel’s TRINAR high-performance spray coatings offer a wide variety of special colors and textures for aluminum extrusions in the architectural market,” Parker said. “In addition, our revolutionary Expressions metal print system adds depth, dimension and texture to the metal surface by using an advanced paint print pattern. The Expressions system enables manufacturers to combine the durability of metal with many appealing visuals, including the aesthetic of wood or even a creative fantasy print. This technology works with our industry-leading metal coatings products, such as CERAM-A-STAR, a silicone-modified polyester coating renowned for its durability, consistency and color stability, and Polydure, a high-quality polyester paint system. Expressions enables customers to be as expressive as they need to be.”

Grays and darker colors have been in vogue for the past decade, according to Nivara Xaykao, associate manager, Color Marketing & Development, Benjamin Moore.

“The biggest trends in color that we’ve seen for exteriors in the past decade have been grays and darker colors. Grays, from light Gray Owl OC-52 to blueish New Hope Gray 2130-50, are seen as a modern color and they can provide an instant facelift to a façade,” Xaykao said. “With darker colors, on the extreme end, there are black paint colors like Iron Mountain 2134-30 that are particularly popular among new Millennial homebuyers; and on the more traditional side, there are classic medium-dark hues like Philipsburg Blue HC-159. Even if the body of the house is relatively light and neutral, people are trying out these trendy colors on the trim or for a statement front door.”

According to Woelfel, exterior colors have a longer trend cycle since homeowners don’t paint the exterior of their home as often as the interior.

“While homeowners choose colors to express their personality and style, we’re seeing a few color families on the rise,” she said.

“White hues call attention to the outside of the home, and play well with almost any other color, architectural style or setting. In general light colors help homes appear larger while darker colors minimize the size of a house.

Grays remain a key neutral for both interior and exterior, but warmer tones in taupe and brown are on the rise as are moodier colors like black. For example, Barnyard Gray PPU24-07 from the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette is a warm gray that creates visual interest when paired with Smoky White BWC-13, and looks stunning on a variety of architectural types. Blues offer a pleasing touch of color to exteriors thanks to ever-changing patterns of light and shade. We’re also seeing homeowners use varying shades of blue to create a monochromatic look.”

Another trend, according to AkzoNobel’s Parker is in the market is the digitalization of product offering, as well as a digital visualization of colors and textures.

LEED and the green building movement are steadily becoming more and more popular.

In 2016, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) implemented LEED v4, an updated building rating system that rates products based on transparency, whole-building life-cycle analysis, and energy standards.

Paint and coatings companies have released products to meet the needs of this movement.

“Benjamin Moore offers a variety of products that qualify for LEED v4 credit. Premium residential interior products such as Benjamin Moore Aura, Regal Select, and ben, as well as commercial products such as Ultra Spec 500, Ultra Spec SCUFF-X, Eco Spec WB Silver, are just a few of the many LEED-certified paints in the Benjamin Moore portfolio,” Scagnelli said.

According to Osterried, sustainability is a core focus for not only PPG, but also its customers and partners.

“Sustainably-advantaged products, such as PPG Timeless, that are low or zero-VOC, will continue to be a priority in the paints and coatings industry for both professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) painters alike,” he said.

“PPG PERMANIZER Exterior Acrylic Latex is a 100 percent acrylic paint formula, providing a long-lasting exterior finish with a durable film. The product is low-VOC and low odor, offering industry advanced UV protection and dirt, moisture, and tannin resistance – backed by a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, flaking and peeling,” Osterried added. “The advanced properties of PPG Permanizer resist mildew on the paint film and contain a preservative to prevent discoloration by algae. PPG Permanizer exterior paint provides industry advanced UV protection and dirt resistance to keep exterior colors looking like new for years to come. PPG Permanizer also helps to extend the painting season with application at temperatures as low as 35°F and also provides excellent early moisture resistance.”

The majority of BEHR and KILZ coatings meet the regulatory requirement of Rule 1113 of the limits South Coast Air Quality Management District, according to Ed Edrosa, Product Manager at Behr, who noted that SCAQMD is considered the most stringent VOC regulation in the nation.

“And many of the products have achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions, which helps contribute points toward numerous green building rating systems, including LEED, as well as meet or exceed Master Painters Institute (MPI) environmental and performance standards,” Edrosa said.

“Behr fully supports the journey of the building industry towards going green. We are a technology leader in developing more durable and resource-efficient paints. Typically, three coats of paint (one coat of primer and two coats of topcoat) are needed in any paint job, but Behr has been able to achieve the same performance with fewer coats depending on the substrate and the color being covered. This means less paint being used to do the same job, which translates to not only a smaller environmental footprint but also labor and time savings,” he continued.

“Behr is also focused on developing architectural coatings with advanced functionality, from scuff resistance with interior paints to the ability to resist dirt pick-up with exterior paints. Lastly, we remain steadfast in meeting or exceeding the latest regulations and environmental trends without compromising product performance and end-user satisfaction,” Edrosa concluded.

From a sustainability standpoint, Parker said, cities and buildings offer great potential for the shift towards a carbon-neutral economy.

“We’re an industry leader in developing products and technologies that are helping to create more green buildings, and we have a vital role to play in making cities and communities more sustainable,” Parker said.

“AkzoNobel’s TRINAR is a premiere architectural finish in the aluminum extrusion area. TRINAR ULTRA, our high-performance spray coatings range, is a uniquely sustainable offer in our spray coatings range, containing considerably reduced VOCs, without compromising performance or aesthetics,” he continued. “TRINAR coatings are also available in our COOL CHEMISTRY series, which contains infrared reflective pigments. This pigmentation increases solar reflectivity and reduces energy costs associated with cooling, especially when combined with cool metal roofing, louvers and sunscreens.

Parker said that AkzoNobel has taken the lead to transition the market towards a chrome-free future.

“Specially formulated with anti-corrosive pigments for long-term protection, our innovative range of chrome-free primers meet the needs of the building products market for coatings application and corrosion protection,” he continued. “Test results demonstrate that the performance of our chrome-free primers is comparable to that of chromated primers. Our customers can be primed for a chrome-free future by choosing Cr-6 free products, which is an important step in making our industry, and our world, safer and more sustainable.

“Finally, we have formulations that contain PFOA-free PVDF. TRINAR A-CLAD is ahead of the regulatory curve and is the most innovative coil coating technology for the ACP market.  Expert chemists developed optimized PFOA-free (perfluorooctanoic acid) formulations that perform and are proven in the field.  TRINAR A-CLAD is based on proprietary formulations containing ceramic and inorganic pigments,” Parker concluded.

AkzoNobel: The company recently launched the TRINAR A-CLAD portfolio, a complete premium product portfolio targeted at the architectural aluminum composite panel market.


• Offers an expansive product portfolio containing the latest appearance options in a proprietary formulation that displays improved product performance, such as improved scratch and abrasion resistance to withstand fabrication and installation, increased adhesion, and better stain resistance;

• Formulated with PFOA-free PVDF, making it a sustainable choice and providing peace of mind.

Behr: Behr recently launched BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint. Driven by the needs and challenges of paint professionals, this product creates a superior option in the market today for flat finishes.

Now, paint professionals have another option when considering a flat finish for commercial and residential properties with Scuff Defense, which reduces the upkeep that traditionally goes hand-in-hand with flat finishes. It provides a rich, flat finish that delivers on advanced scuff and mar resistance and is easy to clean while maintaining a durable finish. Scuff Defense is available exclusively at The Home Depot starting at $32.97 in a wide range of colors and also offered in Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss Enamel finishes.

Behr also introduced Cabinet & Trim Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel, a premium water-based paint that offers excellent flow and leveling and dries to a hard, durable finish. Its outstanding early block resistance allows for quick return to service, making it ideal for use on cabinets, trim, doors, windows, shutters and woodwork. Behr Premium Cabinet & Trim Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel is available exclusively at The Home Depot starting at $39.98 in a wide range of colors.

PPG: Acri-Shield Max Exterior is a premium quality, urethane modified, exterior house paint. The advanced formula can be used in both normal and marginal, above freezing conditions when a low-temperature cure is required to form a proper film. Acri-Shield Max provides a 7-year Portersept Mildew Proof Warranty (available in all sheens). This paint and primer delivers exceptional hide and coverage and offers excellent brush, roll, and spray characteristics for consistent professional results. 

Source: https://www.coatingsworld.com/issues/2020-11-01/view_features/exterior-architectural-coatings-287132/

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