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The membership enables Ensol to educate the industry players about clean and effective industrial batteries

CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ensol, a manufacturing and service company designing, building and delivering innovative lithium industrial batteries and chargers, today announced that it has joined the MHI, a leading non-profit trade association representing the U.S. material handling, logistics, and supply chain industry.

With over 5,000 high performing batteries installed worldwide, Ensol is keen to share its experience and expertise with the material handling industry players and to further drive the adoption of clean and effective battery technologies.

Ensol specializes in building rugged, reliable clean power systems that are field-proven and purpose-built for the most challenging off-grid industrial locations. Delivering exceptional performance to customers across a broad spectrum of applications, Ensol batteries are performing daily in severe temperature conditions and in high hour and heavy-duty cycles. Using the vast expertise in fabricating, manufacturing and electrical design, the company continually develops innovative solutions of the highest caliber that are considerate of the environment.

“Joining MHI is an important step for Ensol. Numerous companies in the material handling industry are still using lead-acid technology batteries pose a potential threat to human health and the environment. The association provides us with a much-needed platform for networking and educating the industry players about clean and effective lithium technology,” says Lola Rakhimi, CEO at Ensol.

The global lithium battery market is expected to grow by over 22% between 2020 and 2025. The penetration of lithium batteries is growing in the industrial sector, solar home systems, and off-grid solar lighting and charging products due to the need to reduce grid dependency for power supply.

About Ensol

Ensol is an R&D-centric manufacturing and service company specializing in industrial lithium solutions with over 5000 batteries installed globally. The company has brought a whole range of innovative products to the US material handling industry, including Ensol Smart™, Ensol Cloud™, Ensol Frost™, among others. Established in 2012, Ensol is keen to share its experience and expertise to further drive the adoption of clean and effective battery technologies.

For details, please visit https://www.ensoltechusa.com.  

About MHI

MHI is the U.S. largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association. Established in 1945, MHI offers education, business development networking and solution sourcing for over 800 of its members, their customers and the industry as a whole through programming and events.

For details, please visit http://www.mhi.org/.

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