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Under the ENERGY INNOVATOR tag, Renewables Now is starting a regular column, published with the support of EIT InnoEnergy, the European sustainable energy accelerator. Enjoy our first blitz interview with BeePlanet Factory – a company that gives a second life to automotive batteries and repurposes them for home and commercial use!

January 24 (Renewables Now) – You have probably seen at least a few forecasts for the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in different markets across the globe. What is rarely discussed is what will happen with the batteries of these EVs when they have to be replaced. This is some way into the future, but а Spanish start-up has several ideas to present to Renewables Now readers.

What is your product/solution?

BeePlanet Factory’s energy storage solution uses second-life lithium-ion batteries from EVs and repurposes them for different applications such as stationary storage or other forms of mobility. We believe everyone deserves a second chance. When EVs come to the end of their natural life, the battery still has a 70% to 80% storage capacity which can be used for other, less demanding purposes such as stationary storage. We are committed to realising the circular economy here in Europe and beyond.

Who are your clients?

From solar PV installers and utilities to EV infrastructure installers, municipalities and other forms of mobility – there are a wealth of use cases for second life li-ion batteries. On a small scale this could encompass domestic homeowners all the way through to grid operators nationwide. Our aim is also to develop solutions of mid and large-scale storage, mainly for commercial and industrial clients.

What are your priorities and goals for 2020?

Our goal for 2020 is to spread the word about the endless possibilities of reusing EV batteries to not only make the EV business case more profitable, but to reduce the levelised cost of energy storage at domestic and commercial installations. In particular, we want to consolidate our stationary product line by launching two more products. The first one is based on the reutilisation of the complete battery pack and the second is a rack solution, to cover a range of storage solutions from 17 kWh to over 200 kWh.

What is EIT InnoEnergy’s role?

EIT InnoEnergy’s role has been key since they joined this project, providing not only funding but also strategic contacts and a global vision for the complete energy storage value chain. Their support to the project has been a great help to consolidate the BeePlanet brand as one of the market leaders for second-life batteries in Europe.

EIT InnoEnergy is now a shareholder of BeePlanet Factory.


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