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The Energizer Homepower solar battery is coming to Australia and New Zealand through Entel Holdings.

The 6.1kWh Energizer Homepower is expected to cost between $7,500 to $8,500 including installation and a 10-year/10,000 cycle warranty.

It is said to be compatible with existing and new solar installations, and is virtual power plant ready.

Add-on modules increase the capacity to as much as 24.4kWh in 6.1kWh steps.


“Energizer Homepower is well-positioned to give homeowners a premium option that utilises smart technology to give control back to rooftop solar customers, enabling homeowners to store and use their solar energy more effectively,” said Entel Holdings general manager Tigran Aganesov.

“The batteries also look incredible, a great fit for any home. The system’s weatherproof design also makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installation,” he added.

The Energizer Homepower app (iOS, Android and web) gives homeowners the option to store energy during off-peak periods, and then use it during peak periods when energy prices are high.

Energizer Homepower app

A second app guides technicians through the installation process, validating their work as they go. Combined with simplified connections, this is said to reduce installation time.

Source: https://www.itwire.com/home-it/energizer-adds-to-solar-battery-options.html

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