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Eguana has expanded its Evolve residential product line with the introduction of the Evolve LFP energy storage system. The cobalt-free lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) based solution is immediately available to solar dealers and wholesale distributors in the United States and Caribbean markets. Eguana also has NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) batteries in the Evolve line.

Eguana has responded to increasing market requests for a LFP-based solution, adding greater sustainability in its product offerings.

“Consumers are discerning and we continue to offer market leading choices,” commented Eguana CEO Justin Holland. “Our advanced technology platform lends itself to easy integration with different battery chemistries and energy management software which, provides for a standardized price point for both the NMC and LFP products. The development team also maintained all key product advantages including: expandable and modular battery capacity, remote diagnostics and analytics, and quick and simple installation.”

Evolve LFP features:

  • Custom sizing — scalable from 14 to 42 kWh storage capacity
  • Durability — 15-year, 6,000+ cycle warranty
  • High performance — deep discharge use in daily cycle applications
  • Safe and reliable chemistry
    • Non-toxic & non-hazardous cobalt-free LFP chemistry
    • Superior thermal and chemical stability
    • Incombustible and thermal runaway resistant
  • VPP enabled

“Eguana has positioned itself as the only global system integrator to offer its customers both LFP and NMC energy storage solutions. With over 200 Certified Eguana Partners in North America and Australia, the expanded product portfolio will open additional sales opportunities in key markets as we continue to expand the dealer network.” added Livio Filice, Director of Global Sales at Eguana.

The Evolve LFP is currently certified in North America and will complete Australian certification this coming October. Based on early market feedback, the introduction of the LFP system will make Eguana’s Evolve the ideal solution for residential solar and electrical contractors.

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