Cybertruck camping add-on just got $50 million in pre-orders – Tom’s Guide

Last month’s unveiling of the CyberLandr, a collapsible camping unit that fits in the bed of a Tesla Cybertruck, captured the imaginations of outdoor enthusiasts. Well, it seems that the excitement to poop in a Cybertruck was infectious, as the concept has now amassed over $50 million in potential orders. 

Much like pre-orders for upcoming Tesla vehicles, reservations for the CyberLandr are fully refundable. It could explain why people are so willing to drop cash for a product that’s only being shown off in 3D renders. For example, Tesla founder Elon Musk was able to claim tremendous interest in the Cybertruck by flaunting its more than 500,000 pre-orders. Reservations for a Cybertruck, however, only requires a $100 down payment

May 4, 2021 Mary Sparks