Commenters Weigh in on PJM MOPR Compliance Filing – RTO Insider

By Rich Heidorn Jr.

More than two dozen companies and coalitions filed responses to PJM’s compliance filing to FERC’s order expanding its MOPR. | © RTO Insider

Additional news on this topic:

  • PJM MOPR Compliance

    PJM shared its initial response to FERC’s April 16 rehearing orders on the MOPR, which required the RTO to make an additional compliance filing by June 1. | © RTO Insider

  • PJM filed Tariff changes to comply with FERC’s controversial order requiring expansion of the MOPR to new state-subsidized resources. There appeared to be no major surprises in the 683-page filing, which had been the subject…

  • FERC said it will hold PJM’s fast-start pricing compliance filing in abeyance until July 31 in order to give the RTO time to resolve certain issues being reviewed by stakeholders.


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