City’s vision for a Northeast Baltimore neighborhood: $250,000 solar-powered homes in an ‘eco-village’ – Baltimore Sun

A City Council member recalled how a decade ago, a street was so swarmed with drug dealers that you could barely drive down it.

On Friday, Democratic Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke returned to Tivoly Avenue with city officials from the mayor on down to announce a plan to line it with homes built with the latest construction techniques and selling for quarter of a million dollars.

“This is the promised land here today,” Clarke said of a neighborhood that in its earliest days offered residents yards and more space for their families as they moved up from East Baltimore. “It’s always been right here. We celebrate finding it again in this moment.”

The ambitious development proposal would transform a section of the Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello neighborhood dubbed Tivoly Triangle. Officials and the developers are banking on the area’s proximity to some good schools and access to jobs at Morgan State University and the Johns Hopkins Hospital to support the asking prices, which will be vastly higher than those for existing rowhouses nearby.


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