City of Pratt’s solar station provided ample electricity to avoid blackouts last week – Pratt Tribune

Pratt Sun Garden, the City of Pratt's solar farm, provided ample electricity last week so that rolling blackouts did not affect the city residents.

There were no power outages in Pratt during last week’s arctic freeze when other areas of the state were experiencing mandated rolling blackouts.

“Our solar farm worked up to its potential,” said Pratt Director of Electric Utilities Jamie Huber. “It can generate six megawatts per hour.”

The solar farm east of Pratt Community College, going into its third year of energy production, is not affected by cold weather, Huber said, although cloud cover and snow on panels can impact solar energy production.

The 36-acre solar farm has 22,232 solar panels each 10-foot high, in 500-foot rows, plus 32 combiner boxes and two inverters.

The solar farm is a supplement to the city’s steam generator and two duo-fuel generators at the South 10th Street Pratt Power Plant which run on natural gas or diesel fuel.

February 24, 2021 susan ward