City of Logansport getting a solar panel farm –

LOGANSPORT, Ind. (WLFI) — A Logansport project that has been in discussion for three years is now coming to fruition.
The city is getting a solar panel farm. But this project is doing more than just providing more renewable energy in the area.

This project comes in partnership with the city and a South Bend-based company called Inovateus Solar.

“They agreed to allow us to produce up to 10% of our own power through renewable energy. It just helps us subsidize the power that we use,” said Dave Morris, Logansport city council president.

These panels will provide enough energy to power about 3,700 homes. Morris said residents won’t per se see a change in their utility bill but rather a change in having more reliable electricity.

“It never goes up never changes and it will help us during the summer months when your peak capacity goes up, it will allow us to use that solar power to our benefit and help us control cost,” said Morris.

The solar farm will be located at the 1400-block of Holland Street. That’s just a few blocks away from the Cass County Humane Society.

It’s expected to look like this.

Not only will the 80-acre farm be covered in solar panels, but Inovateus leaders are also working with the Center of Pollinators in Energy to use the ground underneath the panels to produce cleaner air as well.

“The thick vegetation growing under and around the panels helps the technology, it helps create a better micro-climate a cooler micro-climate that ends up generating more electricity for the solar project as well as managing the stormwater,” said Rob Davis, Director of the Center of Pollinators in Energy.

Davis said throughout the nation, there are at least 20 communities with “pollinator-friendly” solar panel farms. He said it has seen success. Inovateus Business Manager Jordan Richardson said they’re also using this project to educate people in the community.

“This opportunity to educate people and to bring people together for the sake of something clean and renewable, that’s what’s going to last after the energy is done,” said Richardson.

Richardson said Inovateus will be rolling out a program with the Logansport School Corporation. In addition to educating students, they’ll also be able to create and logo and design for the project. The project is set to start in late July.


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