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Supreme Solar Power, Brisbane: Since the birth of mankind we have been using varied kinds of energy for our daily use and for the growth of community as a whole. We have used many energy sources like oil, fire, water, wind and even nuclear power. But one energy source that is gaining importance is the one tapped from the sun i.e. solar energy.

Solar energy is considered as the most environment friendly energy source. It is the renewable energy source that is abundantly and freely available to the mankind.

Solar energy is not exhaustible and secondly it does not emit harmful gases back to the environment after its use as in the case with many other traditional forms of energy.

Solar energy users can easily tap the solar energy via solar panels and convert it to the usable energy. It is with the help of solar inverter, the solar energy tapped by the solar panels is converted to the usable form of power.

In other words solar inverter converts the direct current – DC energy to alternating current – AC that can be used by your home and utility grid.

All the solar power produced by your panels will pass through your inverter and the devise also contains important safety shutdown electronics – Anti- Islanding protection. This becomes very important for you to choose the best quality solar inverter.

Among many inverters available in the market SMA inverter is considered as the best quality and high performance inverter by both installers and solar users in Australia. SMA inverters are rated as the top quality inverters in the market.

They have long and proud history of manufacturing great solar inverters with cutting-edge technology and efficient performance.

SMA solar inverters were originally engineered in German factories, but during the period from 2017 – 2018 the company manufactured single- phase solar inverters, for the home solar installations in China. SMA inverters are undoubtedly the safe bet when it comes to performance and efficiency.

The SMA inverter has a robust local presence in Australia. Hardly any concern has been reported requiring warranty support.

They are the big grand daddy inverter manufacturer with more than 90GW of installed capacity under its belt.

They have a proven track record of reliability and are considered one among the highest quality inverters available in Australia. In spite the cut throat competition in the market, SMA inverter was one of the very few brands that solar installers in Australia knew that they can really count on to last for 10 years or more.

The Sunny Boy series of SMA inverter is gaining popularity after a slow start. These efficient, light weight and polished inverters are rated as the best quality and high performing solar string inverters.

The most important thing that comes to choosing of solar inverters is reliability, and the SMA inverters are seen as the most reliable inverter in the market.

SMA inverters have ranked the top list for many years and are still continuing to do so because of their low failure rates and great service. The local service support of the company is excellent and SMA provides an optional 10 to 20 year extended warranty.

SMA is regarded as the best solar inverter for both residential and commercial purpose. They are undoubtedly the industry leaders in the solar inverter market.

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