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The Chinese army is continuously patrolling its Type-928D attack boats at Pangong Lake amidst the ongoing tension in Ladakh. These boats are not only fast to move, but their fire power is also tremendous. China has deployed about 18 of these boats across the LAC. These high-speed petrol boats also carry small and medium range weapons. His boats are currently patrolling in the China area of ​​LAC.

18 Chinese boats were seen in satellite
China has also built a large-scale infrastructure projector near Pangong Lake, according to a satellite picture of open source intelligence analyst Detresfa released in July. China has also built dockyards, repairing depots and radar stations to halt these boats. Apart from these, a shelter has also been constructed for the soldiers to stay. Solar panels have also been installed around them for power supply.

China is patrolling with Type-928D petrol boat
As reported by Naval News, China’s Type-928D petrol boat is as powerful as the Swedish CB-90. This has also increased the strength of the Chinese Army in mountainous lakes. China first deployed it in Pangong Lake in July 2019. When tensions with the border started increasing with China, China also tried to infiltrate Indian areas with the help of these boats. However, the Indian army forced China to retreat.

These boats are equipped with many types of weapons
The Chinese Type 928D petrol boats are manufactured by the Chengzhou FRP Shipyard in Chengzhou. China already specializes in making glass reinforced plastic boats. This boat is also made of the same material. The shipyard is already building a variety of naval vessels for the Chinese Army. These boats have also been equipped with a variety of weapon systems and missiles.

12.7 mm heavy machine gun is the main weapon
The Type 928D petrol boat is about 45 feet long while its beam is 13 feet. This boat consists of three motors of 295 horsepower. So the boat can run at a maximum speed of 38.9 knots in water. 11 soldiers are deployed in such an attack boat. Which consists of a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun as the main weapon. Apart from these, there are many types of missiles in this boat.

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