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Certasun installed free rooftop solar energy systems for five families on Chicago’s South Side in mid June. The families from the Auburn Gresham, South Shore and Avalon Park neighborhoods are part of the first cohort with single family homes to participate in Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA), a state program created by the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016 that enables Illinois families that meet income requirements to go solar with no upfront costs.

“As soon as we started the application process, Certasun was here for me,” said new home solar owner Debra Earl. “It is an income savior, so to speak. It will allow people to save on their utilities, on their expenses. I’m hoping that my neighbors will fully take advantage of the program.”

“Because of the pandemic, people had to stop working. With Illinois Solar for All, we will be getting our energy from natural resources, so that helps us financially,” said new home solar owner Lytese Dubois.

Certasun’s offering under ILSFA, “Certasun For All,” exceeds the savings requirements of the state program and allows qualified homeowners to go solar for free, with no installation costs and no ongoing charges. The panels Certasun installs are manufactured by SunPower..

“Solar can help families save money month after month with reduced electricity bills,” said Josh Lutton, president of Certasun. “We’re proud to have been able to give back to our community in this way, and look forward to helping more Illinois families save with solar.”


The Illinois Solar for All program is made possible by the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), a successful bipartisan policy that has helped create clean energy jobs, lower electric bills and reduce air pollution. Through the program, low-income families can receive rooftop or local solar at no upfront cost. Further, the program ensures that any recurring expenses will not exceed 50% of the value of the energy produced, helping to lower monthly utility bills. 25% of program funds are designated for environmental justice communities as defined by the state.

“This is really a great program. It’s a win-win in so many ways. You can see it puts people from the community to work, and it helps reduce energy costs for residents of the community. So that’s why it’s a really important and really successful program,” said Illinois State Sen. Bill Cunningham, who represents some of the participants in the program and attended one of the installations.

Homeowners who are interested in seeing if they qualify for Illinois Solar for All or are interested in going solar can learn more at certasun.com/all.

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