Cameron Park CSD pursuing solar projects – Mountain Democrat

The Cameron Park Community Services District is moving forward with its plans to add solar panels in two Cameron Park locations — the Cameron Park Community Center and Fire Station 89.

After conducting site visits in mid-January, solar consultants ARC Alternatives introduced seven possible locations at the CPCSD Solar Ad Hoc Committee meeting held earlier this year. Meter data was collected and site layouts were completed for the Cameron Park Community Center, fire stations 88 and 89, Cameron Park Lake, Rasmussen Park, Christa McAuliffe Park and a 3-acre site at Bass Lake Road and Lambeth Drive.

The community center and Fire Station 89 proved to be the most cost-effective options when comparing roof size, ADA parking availability and the number of trees at each location. The ARC presentation notes both the community center and the fire station have high energy needs. The community center’s annual energy bill is more than $75,000 and Station 89’s bill is more than $21,000 each year.

The cost for the project is yet to be determined but Cameron Park CSD General Manager Jill Ritzman said the district expects to recoup its costs with savings that will occur by switching to solar. The district’s contract with ARC Alternatives is $40,000.

The committee also decided LED Lighting should be updated at the Cameron Park Community Center.

Both projects will be presented to the CPCSD Board of Directors at its April meeting for final approval.


April 8, 2020 susan ward