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Bahrain International Circuit has announced plans to enhance Al Danah Amphitheater, the first world-class open-air amphitheatre in the Kingdom.

Al Danah Amphitheater is an all-inclusive entertainment centre poised to become the Kingdom’s vibrant hub for world-class entertainment.

The project, BIC said, will reinforce the Kingdom as an international destination for arts and culture while leaving a mark through its forward-thinking architectural design, innovative technology, and capabilities.

According to a tender published earlier this month and closes on 24 May 2021, BIC is undertaking several works at the world-class facility.

Warehouse renovation of BOH Area and Corporate Boxes, desert garden-renovation and landscape, an extension of shops in plaza area substation are some of the works.

BIC is also seeking proposals from consultancies for a comprehensive strategy from an operational and commercial perspective for Aldana Amphitheater.

 The tender closes on 26 May 2021. Besides, BIC is planning to create an effective wayfinding strategy for the Amphitheater.

The appointments will be through Public Internal Tender, which closes on 19 May 2021.

Earlier, BIC had announced a two-year contract for improvement works of the landscape and placing indoor potted plants.

Among other works, BIC has also opened tender inviting bids for building a 3 MWac grid-tied solar power plant.

 The solar power plant to be designed as shades of car parks at BIC will have Build Own Operate and Maintain contract, Sustainable Energy Authority said.

The tender for the 20-year contract closes on 9 June 2021 and calls for an initial bond of BD5,000.

Office furniture for sale In another development, the National Bureau for Revenue announced it is auctioning its office furniture.

Qualified bidders can place their bids through Tender Board, Directorate of Human and Financial Resources said.

Mobile pump for Tatweer Tatweer Petroleum said it is looking forward to purchasing a gas engine-driven mobile shipping pump for its legacy tank batteries to meet emergencies following power outages.

The pump thus procured will be used only during power outages, said Tawteer.

The arrangement, Tatweer said, is to avoid power disruption of oil shipment to Bapco refinery and associated revenue loss. The tender for the purchase has a closing date of 04 July 2021 and calls for an initial bond of BD2,500.


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