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The Indian Government provides a 40% subsidy for households that are planning to install a 3kW or less solar panel. This initiative has encouraged many people to buy solar panels for their own home. However, one of the biggest questions that any person has once they’ve taken this decision is: how do you find a solar panel?

To make this simple for you, Loom Solar has come up with a buying guide that will help you select the perfect solar panel for your home.

5 Factors to help you select the right solar panel

Before you approach a manufacturer to go through their catalogue, you should know your energy requirements and how these can be fulfilled by a solar panel installation.

  • Understand your electricity needs

There is little point in having a solar panel that won’t even cover 50% of your monthly electricity bills. Estimate your monthly electricity needs by reviewing bills for the past two years. Most households use more electricity during the summer, and therefore by reviewing the electricity bills over an extended period, you can understand the fluctuations and make an accurate estimate.

  • Understand your solar potential

Most Indian homes have rooftop solar panels. Before deciding on a solar panel, understand how much space is available on the roof of your home for installations. Most solar panels require either a square or rectangular area for installations. Use a mapping tool to understand your home’s solar energy potential.

  • Understand the financial aid and other incentives

As aforementioned, the Indian Government provides a 40% subsidy for households with 3kW solar panels. If you have installed a solar panel between 4kW and 10kW capacity, the subsidy is 20%. However, if this is greater than 10kW, you will receive no subsidy. Additionally, this does not apply to all types of buildings and residential areas. Before deciding to invest in a solar panel, review the financial aid you will receive.

  • Understand the options

India has various solar system manufacturers who can provide various products. Not all these products are popular in all parts of the country. Understand which manufacturer provides the best service in your area and what type of features, warranty and sizes they provide. 

  • Make a decision

Once you have determined your needs and found a product, we recommend comparing at least two different types of solar systems before selecting the best option. It is also a good idea to visit manufacturers or ask for a second opinion to ensure you find the right solar panel.

Now that you know the basic steps you should take before buying a solar panel, here are the manufacturers you can look at.

Top 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers 

Loom Solar is a Haryana-based startup that provides high-efficiency solar panels. Their wide product range includes on-grid solar systems, solar inverters, lithium-ion batteries and off-grid solar systems. They provide solar system installations of residential rooftop solar panels. 

  • Vikram Solar Limited

Vikram Solar Limited is an international brand that has experience in providing installation on 6 continents. They specialize in manufacturing and installing PV modules and EPC solutions. They have completed some of the largest solar utility projects in the world including the Solar Plant for APGENCO in Andhra Pradesh.

Waaree Energy is a Mumbai-based firm that specializes in providing solar panel solutions to both commercial and residential users. Their wide range of solar solutions includes on-grid and off-grid inverters, batteries, solar bags and PV modules. The company has over 30 years of experience in the solar industry and has recently shifted to the residential sector.

  • Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a Shanghai-based solar firm that has a presence in India, South Africa, Chile, UK, Mexico, Brazil and many other countries. Jinko Solar panels are specifically made for residential rooftop installations. Their solar solutions are divided into various series including the Cheetah, Swan, Tiger and Tiger Pro, each of which has its unique features.

EMMVEE is a solar solution manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They are well known for their unique, timeless products that are made from smart engineering. Their most popular products include the PV module and solar water heater.

While there are many different companies to choose from, we recommend buying solar panels only from the best. But before you decide to shop, understand your electricity needs and how suited your home is to a solar panel installation.

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