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The new flooded map in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has many new locations and POIs to explore, which may make it difficult to decide where to drop when a new game begins. Some challenges are easiest to complete if players drop at the location right away. Other POIs are popular drop sites, and while players could very easily be killed on landing, there is great loot to find. There are also many abandoned locations on the map where players are likely to find a few loot chests and no enemies, making them good places to begin a game.

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Different landing spots will work best for players depending on playstyle and goals. For players wanting to place, more abandoned or uncontested spaces are best. For players ready to raid a few Loot Vaults, landing directly at the location and being ready for a hard-fought win is best. While there is no one spot that is objectively best, there are a few players who might want to consider to place well or earn lots of loot during their next game.

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Best Landing Locations For High-Placing Games in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Players who want to place high during a game will want to start off in a remote location with plenty of chests and high visibility in every direction. There are three locations on the Fortnite Season 3 map that are often ignored by other players, making them great places to land for high-elimination games.

Sticks Restaurant

First, on the map north of The Authority and south of Pleasant Park, near what’s left of Deadpool’s Yacht, players will find a partially submerged shack that appears to have been the seafood restaurant Sticks. They’ll recognize it by the friendly fish mascot holding a plate of fish sticks on the wall near the roof of the building. Inside, players will be able to loot several chests, and there are 12 jugs so players can always leave the area with full health and full shields. It’s also an asset for its proximity to both The Authority and Pleasant Park, allowing players a better chance to catch opponents by surprise and last a longer time during a game.

Players will want to note, however, that this is often a better spot for solo players, as there may not be enough loot to help an entire squad prepare for a high-elimination game.

Mountain Cabin

Just south but in view and shooting range of Catty Corner, players will find a snowy mountain cabin. This area is typically uncontested and can be a great spot for a solo, duo, or squad landing. This location is close to a Choppa, which is already an asset, especially if players want to take advantage of the Loot Vault glitch. It also gives players a great view of their opponents at Catty Corner, allowing them to eliminate these other players if they get within range of a player’s weapon. There is plenty of loot to find at this location, and accessing it early can only help a player or team.

Players can easily get to Catty Corner from this location to continue the fight and will have a better chance against opponents, who may not yet have found the resources to stock up on health, shields, and loot.

Players who want to take advantage of the Loot Vault glitch before it’s patched could start by landing at the Mountain Cabin, stock up on loot and refill health, and then fly the Choppa on location to any of the Loot Vaults.

Island West of Pleasant Park

West of Pleasant Park and northeast of Sweaty Sands, players will find an unnamed island that can make for a great landing point. The main island contains eight loot chests, with more located on the smaller island north of it, making it a great location for a full squad to land. It’s close enough to POIs to be convenient, but not too close as to allow for early elimination. Players will have access to two small whirlpools from this location, as well as the giant whirlpool at the northwestern-most point of the map. This allows for further mobility once a player is ready to move to a new location.

The houses on this island are full of items, loot, and other goodies that often go uncontested at the start of a new game, so players should consider making this their landing spot for high-elimination matches.

Best Landing Locations For Early Access to Loot in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite Season 3 contains several main Loot Vaults, located at POIs and heavily guarded by henchmen and NPC bosses. They each typically require a Keycard to enter, meaning players need to eliminate the guards and the bosses first. Since YouTuber Glitch King found that players can access these Loot Vaults without the required Keycards through a glitch with the Choppa, players interested in performing the high-risk, high-reward exploit and lying in wait for opponents should try to drop near one of three Loot Vault locations.

The Authority

Players wanting to raid The Authority Vault could land on or near the island. Given they need a Choppa, however, this may not always be the best landing area. To avoid detection, players may want to consider landing just south of The Authority on the hilly peninsula west of Lazy Lake. There are several buildings here without henchmen that contain plenty of loot to allow a player to get settled on the map before raiding The Authority.

This nondescript location is also fairly close to Fortilla, which also contains a Vault and some new loot.


Fortilla is a popular spot and swarms with henchmen, but players looking for some loot won’t want to overlook it as a place to land. The best place to drop from the Battle Bus at Fortilla is the easternmost structure, designated by its multiple solar panels. There are several chests here, which can help a player prepare for a hard-fought battle against boss Ocean.

Players can either take down the boss and enter the Loot Vault with the Keycard, or they can try the Choppa glitch. They’ll just need to look out for opponents and henchmen along the way.

Rickety Rig

Players looking for some great loot and a few high-elimination games should not overlook Rickety Rig as a landing spot. According to statistics, this location is one of the best in the game for landings, and players who begin here tend to place well. There are several islands around Rickety Rig containing loot, and the location is also near boats and whirlpools for easy rotation. If a player or team can win this location and open the Vault, they will be guaranteed a Launch Pad to help increase their chances of staying alive longer and placing higher.

This location is also close to Fortilla, allowing players to keep an eye on that location. They may even be able to swim over and retrieve some extra loot.

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