Battery Storage “Changes Everything” for Renewable Energy – Wortfm

Energy storage is rapidly changing the market for renewable power.  Business and residential customers are turning toward batteries to have a reliable back-up energy system.  Large scale developers use battery power to smooth out the power generation.

On this episode of the Wisconsin Energy Broadcast we are airing a Battery Storage breakout session from the January 16, 2020 Renewable Energy Summit held at the Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin.  The accompanying slides and the full audio recording are available at

The short slide presentation includes energy storage terminology, system design and models of how the combination of solar + storage can smooth variations into hourly firm blocks and reduce energy imbalances.  These slides may enhance your enjoyment as you listen to this presentation from the energy storage experts.

The experts featured in tonights episode are Steve Danbeck, Arch Electric, Inc., Kate Howling, Invenergy, Tom Mullooly, Foley and Lardner & Tim Wilson of Gunderson Health Systems.


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