Architectural shade fabric – Commercial Heavy 430 by Gale Pacific –

Commercial Heavy 430 is a round monofilament architectural shade fabric that has been specifically designed to provide maximum strength and durability in large-scale projects.

Featuring outstanding biaxial strength and load-bearing capacity, the monofilament yarns and patented intertwining knit pattern used in Commercial Heavy 430 ensures that shade structures using it retain their design and shape over time. The cloth offers a combination of sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free, long-life performance.

Commercial Heavy 430 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including car parks and outdoor recreation areas. It is also available in a wide variety of colours from neutral tones designed to blend in with surroundings to bold and bright colours created to stand out.

Commercial Heavy 430 FR flame retardant shade fabric is also now available across the same colours. Visit Gale Pacific’s page on flame-retardant ranges to find out more.

  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions and large-scale projects
  • Sixteen colours ranging from neutral tones to bright, contrasting colours
  • Lead and phthalate free and 100% recyclable


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