Antaisolar offered special customized solar racking solution for 21.6MW ground solar project in Japan – AltEnergyMag

Recently, the 21.6MW solar project in Hiroshima, Japan, aluminum solar racking designed and provided by Antaisolar, is under installation after over 60 times of design modification.

It was reviewed by METI of Japan in January, 2020 and commenced in March, expected to completed in March, 2021.

While coping with complex terrain conditions –with more than 100cm snow high, and complicated soil structure, and for maximizing solar panels arrangement with high cost performance and construction efficiency, Antaisolar finally provided the special customized solar racking solution after many times products debugging.

The special-shaped aluminum racking has high strength that complies with the latest JIS standards. Highly pre-assembled before shipment can reduce on-site construction time and enable high cost performance and fast installation. With a triangular-roof-like arrangement, the panels are placed in both north and south directions to maximize the arrangement and improve power generation.

Antaisolar has cumulatively installed around 4.55GW capacity in Japan since 2011. With excellent product quality, rigorous design, local branch and logistics center for efficient on-site support, it has always grown strongly and received high recognization in Japan.

In the future, Antaisolar will continue to promote the localization process in Japan to offer convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions with excellent product quality and comprehensive services so as to create value for the clients.


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