Airstream Nest production halted –

By Keith Ward
Airstream has decided that it doesn’t like fiberglass RVs after all, killing production on their Airstream Nest travel trailer after just a few years.

Airstream pulled the plug on the Nest, as the below screenshot from its website shows clearly. Airstream is known globally for its shiny aluminum RVs, which are admired for their snappy looks and easy towing capabilities.

The Airstream Nest was a somewhat daring departure for the Jackson, Ohio-based manufacturer. There are numerous fiberglass RV manufacturers, and it’s seen as more of a niche market. Some of the leading companies in the space include Casita, Scamp, Escape, Oliver and Bigfoot. They tend to produce RVs in smaller volume and have specialized expertise in fiberglass manufacturing techniques.

High price, small space for Airstream Nest

The Airstream Nest is a 16-foot trailer, with the large windows that are a hallmark of the Airstream line. The base sticker price for the 2020 model was $45,900, which is high for such a small travel trailer. Of course, high prices are another signature feature of Airstreams.

The first Nests hit the market in April 2018, and got a lot of media coverage due to their attractive exterior and fiberglass construction. There were issues with them from the beginning, including poor gel-coating, according to some owners.

This isn’t unusual, of course – most RVs, including brand-new ones, have problems almost from the start. But given the high cost and small interiors of the units, it may have been too much for Airstream to overcome. The company has several other 16-foot RVs in their lineup as well, including the Bambi, Basecamp and Caravel, so competition from their own models may have also been a factor.

Whatever the ultimate reason, the bottom line is the same: When it comes to the Nest, Airstream has flown the coop.

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