AEP money financing Columbus green-power ballot issue –

AEP's Downtown headquarters, tower at left, as seen from the LeVeque Tower

A subsidiary of AEP has agreed to donate $1.5 million toward the city of Columbus’ political campaign to persuade voters to pass a green-energy electricity aggregation program in November.

The contribution is spelled out in a “memorandum of understanding,” or MOU, signed by the city and AEP Energy on Aug. 17. The payments, for “education and outreach efforts,” are to go to the Clean Columbus campaign committee. The money will be paid in three $500,000 installments, with the first payment scheduled last Thursday.

The second installment is due Sept. 4 and the last on Oct. 2, according to the MOU, a written agreement that typically is not considered a binding contract but serves as a negotiating outline.

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