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Dear editor,

So let me start why I’m writing this letter. My name is Mike Miller and I am a farmer that owns 120 acres of farmland in May’s Lick.

And yes , I have signed a pre-lease with a solar company. So there are some opposing groups that are trying to keep solar farms out of Mason County. They are spreading a lot of misinformation about property devaluation which is not true and misinformation that the inverters make noise. This noise cannot be heard at 500ft or less

They say solar destroys our farmland but it really preserves our farmland for the future. And much more negative information.

So let me explain why Mason County should have solar farms. The proposed solar farms in Mason County may be around 5,000 acres but not in one place. That is 3 percent of farmland. Five thousand acres of solar would produce around $1,250,00 in new tax revenue. Currently, Mason County farm real estate pays around $1,280,000 in taxes. So 3 percent of farmland would provide almost as much tax revenue as all the rest of the farmland. This in turn would sure up new tax revenue for 30-plus years and it could possibly lower everyone’s property taxes.

It would help out our local business with tremendous spending in every business.

So let me explain what the opposing groups are trying to do. They are saying we want solar farms here but with regulations in place to protect everyone. They know that setbacks from property are their key to stop solar farms in Mason County. They want 1,000-foot setbacks which would kill solar farms in Mason County. The solar companies said 400 feet is the breaking point. Normally 250 feet or under is what they see in other areas.

I’m afraid that some of our county officials are being persuaded to keep solar out of Mason County — not remembering the good for the whole community.

I have done my research and have found nothing negative about solar farms. Are they perfect? No, but they are a piece of the solution. I hope people realize that in 15 years or less that most if not all of the coal-fired plants in the Ohio Valley will be closed. Look at what happened to DPL and the loss of tax revenue there. What happens when EKP closes? Could we as Mason County stand to lose that tax revenue?

I think we as a county should explore a new way for new tax revenue. If you want more information go to Facebook and search Solar in Buffalo Trace Area.

Mike Miller

May’s Lick

Source: https://maysville-online.com/letters/190482/a-new-way-with-new-revenue

May 15, 2021 Mary Sparks