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The thought of losing power for your gadgets without an outlet in sight is simply dreadful. Even if you make sure that you fully charge your phone, tablet or any other gadget before leaving the house, you never know what the day might bring. Traffic jams, long travels, emergency situations etc., can keep you far from home or an outlet. 

Be sure to have power available when you need it with a portable solar charger or power bank for all your gadgets. Here are a few of the best ones this year. 

1. Oimye 36000mAh Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank

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Oimye 36000mAh Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank has a high capacity that uses a Li-polymer battery fixed with a solar panel to avoid over-voltage. It comes with a dual USB output port, one Type-C and micro output port that allows you to charge three devices at once and doubles as a wireless charger if your device is QI enabled. It’s the ideal choice for backup battery. 

2. Feeke Solar Power Bank 32800mAh

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Feeke Solar Power Bank 32800mAh is equipped with Qi wireless charging technology and compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. It features two built-in micro USB and three Type-C outputs so you can charge up to four devices at the same time. Its compact and portable design is perfect for carrying around, allowing you to keep mobile devices fully charged anytime, anywhere. It also has a built-in powerful LED flashlight.

3. GoerTek Solar Charger Power Bank 25000mAh

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GoerTek Solar Charger Power Bank 25000mAh includes a built-in rechargeable 25000mAh Li-polymer battery pack, which doubles as a solar power bank and charger. It is compatible with all smartphones, iPhones and other similar devices. It is equipped with dual 5V 2.1A+5V 1A USB outputs to allow you to charge three devices quickly and simultaneously while providing intelligent security protection, avoid overcurrent, over-voltage, overload and short circuit. 

4. elzle Solar Charger Power Bank 30000mAh

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elzle Solar Charger Power Bank 30000mAh has two built-in 15000mAh Li-polymer battery packs and can be recharged over 1,000 times. It features two USB 5V/2.1A output ports that only take one hour to fully charge devices and can charge three devices simultaneously, including Type-C and Micro USB inputs. It has an ultra-bright 6W LED flashlight with four working modes to help you send emergency signals, making it best for the outdoors. 

5. Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh

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Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh  has a Li-polymer battery that can charge phones 8 to 10 times or tablets 3 to 4 times for an average of nine days of usage per charge. It has four foldable, high-efficiency solar panels with up to 1A input current under the sunlight, which is 4 to 6 times faster than other solar chargers.

6. IEsafy Solar Charger 26800mAh

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IEsafy Solar Charger 26800mAh has solar panels that can charge your iPhone — 6 to 10 times, Samsung — 6 to 7 times, tablet, iPad, or iPad Air — 3 to 4 times. With only 1.3lbs in weight, 76 inches in length, it is convenient to bring along your outdoor adventures. It has four foldable solar panels that provide four times faster recharging speeds plus, you can also recharge this solar power bank with the micro USB port.

7. BigBlue Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger 

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BigBlue Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger has three USB charging ports with smart charging technology, which can recognize your device smartly and provides optimal charging speed, varying on different devices. It doubles as a foldable solar charger panel bag that is small and light enough to fit into any camping backpack, hiking daypack or emergency kit.

8. Anker 21W Portable Solar Charger with Foldable Panel

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Anker 21W Portable Solar Charger with Foldable Panel features a PowerIQ that delivers charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall under direct sunlight. Its 21-watt SunPower solar array is 21.5-23.5% efficient, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously. It uses industrial-strength PET polymer-faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas that offers weather-resistant outdoor durability that’s compact enough to bring anywhere.

Source: https://www.ibtimes.com/8-best-solar-power-bank-charger-phones-tablets-gadgets-3198899

May 15, 2021 Mary Sparks