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By Allison Ruedig, freelance copywriter, Aurora Solar

You’ve probably encountered prospects who are excited to go solar…until they start to worry about someone drilling holes in their roof.

They get nervous about possible damages, leaks, or their roof not holding up under the weight of the solar panels. It doesn’t help when they inevitably go to Google and scroll through a few horror stories of what happened to other roofs of unsuspecting solar customers.

Believe it or not, this is where your solar company can actually stand out from competitors. By making sure you’re using proper installation practices, you can build a strong reputation for high-quality, reliable, leak-free installations and increase your solar referrals.

Read the five best practices to help bring in referrals on Aurora Solar’s website.

Source: https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2020/08/solar-roofing-best-practices-referrals/

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