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BE PREPARED Preppi’s weekender comes with 72 hours of provisions, helpful tools and two N-95 masks.

Chic Preparedness

When an emergency strikes, you don’t have time to dig in a closet for supplies. Preppi uses design to encourage people to keep kits, like this stylish one, at the ready and even gift them, said CEO Ryan Kuhlman. The canvas weekender (shown above) holds 72 hours of provisions (which experts say is often the longest it should take for aid to arrive), including food and water, a solar-powered phone charger, flares, a tube-tent shelter, diverting playing cards and two N95 respirator masks many have been seeking amid the Covid-19 outbreak. “You should have the proper tools ready before you know you need them.” The Prepster Two Person, $495, preppi.co

For Hunkering Down

In addition to three days of supplies and first aid, the Safe by Judy includes sanitizer, candles and matches, a universal emergency phone charger, a flashlight, a multi-tool and a hand-crank radio with instructions. Even if you don’t spring for one of Judy’s bright orange crates or bags, the brand can text you customized information about disaster events in your area, such as hurricanes, and Covid-19 outbreaks. After you submit your phone number and zip code on the Judy site, you’ll start to receive relevant information and updates that you can use to prepare your home, said co-founder Simon Huck. You can also receive real-time responses about your situation from Judy’s emergency experts. The Safe, $250, readyjudy.com

When You’re On the Go

“Most of the time you have what you need at home. It’s when you’re out and about that you find yourself without access to what you need,” said Uncharted Supply Co. founder Christian Schauf. He recommends keeping a bag in your car so it’s always moving with you. This 16-pound waterproof roll-top backpack includes enough supplies for two, from food and water to reusable N-99 air filtration masks, gloves and beanies for warmth, and even a shovel. It also features spare room for needed things like prescriptions. Everything inside is color coordinated with instructions so you never waste time searching. “You don’t know what the emergency is until it happens.” said Mr. Schauf. Seventy2 Pro, $500, unchartedsupplyco.com

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