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The “Innovations in Energy Storage, Solar Cells, Energy Management, and Fuel Cells” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

This edition of the Energy and Power Systems TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) focuses on innovations in energy storage technologies.

Lithium-sulfur battery is an emerging battery technology due to its high specific gravity over conventional sources. New cathode materials for Li-S are explored. Other forms of energy storage such as thermal batteries and fuel cells are also discussed.

The TOE also features advances in perovskite solar cells that improve power conversion efficiency. The TOE also provides intelligence on solar technologies that simultaneously produce potable water and electricity. It also focuses on fuel cell technologies that produce hydrogen fuel with the potential to act as a replacement for diesel gensets.

Key Topics Covered

Advancements in Energy Storage, Solar Cells, Energy Management and Fuel Cells Hybrid Perovskites That Enhance Maximum Conversion Efficiency of a Solar Cell Perovskite Thin Films Increase the Performance and Stability of the Solar Cell Cloud-based Platforms Enhancing Smart Energy Management Systems Cloud-based Platforms Also Enable in Reducing Carbon Emissions Associated With Energy Generation Innovative Thermal Batteries Enhance Efficiency of Concentrated Solar Power Systems The Prototype Integrated with Concentrated Solar Power Systems is Ideal for Providing Energy for Remote Industries Novel Alkaline Fuel Cell Fuelled by Ammonia Fuel Cell as Alternative to Off-grid Diesel Generators Solar Device for Simultaneous Production of Portable Water and Electricity Affordable Water and Energy Sources for Remote Arid Areas New Improved Cathode Material for Lithium-sulfur Batteries Organic Solutions for Better Performance of Batteries An Ideal Solution for Future Research Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Lower Operating Temperature Batteries for Wind Farm and Frequency Optimization Intelligent Indoor Energy Storage for Grid Support Battery Solutions Support Grid Operations Key Contacts

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